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"What is true Healing?"

An Ophthalmologist tells his patients:


"......... Not my surgical hands and skills alone brought the surgical healing unto your eyes.

The blessing and healing hands of Christ rested upon the working hands of the surgeon. And thus they worked through the surgeon's  hands into the eyes of yours.

Your eye is cured by now. It sees and functions much better indeed.

But time goes on and age brings the ailments of the aged to everyone.


Our medical efforts and endeavors towards the healing of you should not mean that the final execution towards blindness or death is only adjourned to another time. Should it not?........"


This eye-surgeon was striving at his patients unfolding and developing  their physical eye into a bright and active SPIRITUAL eye. Having matured into the ecumenical realm of his Christian faith he has become aware of the inborn ability of man to unfold once again his spiritual organs as these, once upon a distant time, have been the true blueprints of all things physical.


It is with this, our third eye , that we can behold infinite reality and thereby become fully aware of the reality of the caring Love of our heavenly Father through Christ.

He loves every individual being.

It is this eye which never has to close, this eye which never will break again, not even  in the wake of death.



Only then has he fulfilled his mission as a medical doctor for those who faithfully trusted their sick eye into his hands, in that he simultaneously informed his patients about the in-Sight and solution giving Message.



And this is the message of Christ which was personally shared with him by the recipient Hendrik Th. Lilipaly from Indonesia:


"God is found only in the Cross of Christ"





"Only to believe in the Finished Work of Christ on the Cross of Calvary is the Key to the Kingdom of God"





And therefore :


The true healing process surpasses the levels of cure and merely physical repair.

True healing means the ongoing process of growth and development reaching towards the ultimate accomplishment of our human nature.

True healing in Christ ...... means  coming definitely closer to Him.

It often means one step at a time.

However, it is a process which has already been accomplished by Him, in that He reaches and touches us in His Cross.




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