The Cross of Jesus Christ

“The Cross of Christ is standing bold and firm in heaven and on earth; it wavers not.”

“Of Eternity is the proof of His Cross.”

Our Mission is :

to communicate kindheartedly with you, for the sake of mutual progress on our Journey Home through this world of separation.

Our common Leading image is the presence of Christ as is so well expressed in this statute of CHRIST in Rio de Janeiro.

This Evangelical service is committed to all who are in search for true answers on the mystery of our Origin, our Identity and Destination.
t is meant to be a self supporting service and thereby totally independent of whatever Christian church, denomination or para-christian movement.

Yeshua the Nazorean , with the latinized Christian name “Jesus”, WHO transcended as The CHRIST during the last stage on the Cross of Calvary, is our Movement and Motivation.

Yeshua’s Final Ministry was voiced in this last stage on the Cross:

Father FORGIVE them, for they know not what they do”

It IS FINISHED” , and finally

Father into Thy hands I COMMEND my SPIRIT !”


Thus is the Accomplished FORGIVENESS Work of CHRIST on the Cross.

You are, without any obligation, invited to share these communications, these Evangelical revelations, with us.

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No DONATIONS needed, so we ask for none.

Here is only SHARING in freedom, with the Spirit-power of CHRIST, as is faithfully exampled by my Spiritual Teachers:

Hendrik Th. Lilipaly from Indonesia and

Tara Singh from India.